Madeira Island

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A solid opportunity for investments. A reduced tax rate combined with general tax benefits and a competitive particit[patiion exemption regime, makes Madeira a sound location for investment.

CRude Oil

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Petroleum products

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Precious Metals

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Oil facilities

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Robert Menzel

Founding member and Chairman of Globalvision International Lda, which is an international infrastructure development and commodity trading organization. A successful track record within the financial services industry, infrastructure and commercial real estate development and commodity trading with specific emphasis on oil and energy-related products. Founding member of Financial & Investment Services Group in Southern Africa as an asset manager and operator in the long-term insurance industry. Previously worked in the oil & gas sector as financial director and tax manager for international conglomerates and as a professional accountant for two of the big 5 auditing firms specialising in insurance, financial services and banking audit and consulting.

David Franz Holz

Vice President
David recently joined Global Vision International, Lda. as Vice President of the Diamonds & Gold Business Unit. His main focus is the wholesale sourcing and marketing of Rough and Cut & Polished Investment Diamonds, as well as sourcing and selling of Rawgold and Bullion. After completing his Diploma in Business Administration, David worked in several positions in the Mining Sector specializing in the Mining Equipment OEM Supply Industry in Africa. He also has a strong background in the Wind and Solar Renewable Energy Sector Besides being a Co-Founder of an African based Consulting and Fundraising Company, he worked for the largest Offshore Wind Park Developer of Germany at the time and attended to Multi-Billion Euro Projects. He also acted as Mandated Associate for one of the largest Rough Diamonds Buying Houses in the World.

Bruno Sá Figueira

General Director
A qualified and experienced professional who acts as Administrator and General Director of Globalvision International. He is in an excellent position to provide the necessary assistance in relation to our dealings with the Madeira IBC,regarding: IT, international services, investment, trading, shipping, IP management, manufacturing or asset/ investment protection.

Joseph Rankin

Executive Director
With over 20 years of experience in sourcing, structuring and managing investments in a variety of industries he leads the firm's investment activities and strategic direction. Joseph joined (ISG) Intercontinental Solutions Group in 2012 as a result of an amalgamation with the Rankin Investment Group Inc, which he started in 2001 and acted as Chief Executive Officer since 2012. During this time he closed investments in 15 platform companies and several add-on acquisitions, representing over $2.5billion of invested capital. The investments have been in a variety of industries, including industrial manufacturing, healthcare, aviation, real estate development, business services, oil and gas, gold mining, and consumer finance.

Matt Stouffer

Vice President
Matt brings 18 years of real estate experience from Project Financing, Capital Raises & Development in the private sector along with the capital & secondary markets. As Vice President, Matt influences the direction of the company by identifying and evaluating new projects; from property acquisitions, project analytics, and assisting with all aspects of development throughout the USA and globally. Prior to joining the firm, Matt was a forward thinker at one of the top private project & equipment financing companies in US, Mexico and Canada working along side the exclusive Private Equity firms and oil and gas companies. Former President at Sunset Industries Inc. had thrived while increasing revenue in five years 238%. With his oil and gas experience for over 9 years along with finance and project management, we are pleased to have Matt and his family with us at Global Vision.

Rafael Menzel (Rafa)

Project Manager
Rafa recently joined the firm after completing his International Business Management studies at Richmond the American International University in London and UCLA. His focus is on commodity trading in Africa and the Middle East with particular emphasis on diesel sales and distribution and precious metal acquisitions.


Innovative infrastructure investment and commodity trading strategies with a focus on energy projects which translate into unique & successful business opportunities and attractive income for our investment partners

Purchase and Sale of Crude Oil as well as trading of refined Petroleum Products, Precious Metals & rough diamonds, as well as cut and polished investment diamonds

Forming solid partnerships with leading global companies from Producers to Refineries and Re-Sellers resulting in healthy returns for business partners, shareholders and investors

We make it happen

global + vision + successfull dealmaking = globalvision international




Rua. da Alfândega, 78, 3º andar

9000-059 Funchal – Portugal

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Robert Menzel

Bruno Sá Figueira

Joseph Rankin

Matt Stouffer

Rafael Menzel