Globalvision working in the markets of rough and polished diamonds

GLOBALVISION INTERNATIONAL U. LDA “GVI” is registered in the Free Trade Zone “FTZ” of Madeira (Portugal) employing innovative investment strategies with a focus on energy projects and high value Commodities such as Diamonds and Gold which translate into unique and successful business opportunities and result in attractive income solutions for investors.
The Company was founded by Robert Menzel who acts as CEO and has been involved in the energy business at various levels for many years with the main activity based on the Africa continent. Due to the company’s expansion program in Africa, the Diamond trading business unit was formed providing opportunities to market directly from the mine to the private tender programmes run via the Gold and Diamond Office which forms part of the Lisbon Diamond Bourse.

These private and public auctions are access reserved to Buyers and Sellers that comply with all of the requirements of participation and provides a Gateway to the European market at reduced costs. Maximum effort is afforded to ensure best prices are achieved for Buyers and also enhanced margins for Sellers.

Strategic Partners include being a registered Buyer of a listed Mining Conglomerate in South Africa Petra Diamond Group and Alexkor. We also have established trading relationships with diamond wholesalers based in Europe and UAE with access to specialized cutting works available in South Africa and India and sales of diamonds to various jewelry store outlets.

Marius de Kock and Rafael Menzel in their capacities as Head Gemologist and Project Director respectively are responsible for the company’s operations in Southern Africa. Jacques Steenkamp of Satsuma Metals in Namibia has recently been incorporated into the Group.

Below please see some images of diamonds relating to a specific Mining Group in South Africa for Product which GVI’s Head Gemologist has viewed and appraised. This is a good indication as to the quality of Gem product which becomes available from time to time.


There are approximately 15.000 categories of diamonds unlike any other precious commodity such as precious metals such as gold where there is only variable being the purity, therefore a lot of know-how and experience is required in order to perform the appraisals and select stones which will result in positive results with regard to their final polished product.

  • GVI only deals with appropriately registered and accredited diamond mines mainly in Southern Africa, South Africa, Namibia, Angola and Botswana.
  • GVI’s Head Gemologist Marius de Kock has 35 years of dedicated experience and is accredited with the Southern African diamond bourses and as a qualified and registered Gemologist (Licensed Diamond dealer) and independent since 1987 is now linked exclusively to GVI.
  • GVI has accreditations in the SADC region and other KPC status countries in Africa and has as a successful track record and untarnished reputation in the diamond industry and is linked and actively participates in diamond tenders for premier mine groups such as Petra Diamonds, Cullinan, Finch, Transhex, Alexcor, Jagersfontein, Rooipoort in South Africa and Okovango (ODC), Lucara, Boteti in Botswana.
  • Historic volumes for rough diamond trading handled by our Head Gemologist range between 1.000ct and 10.000cts per transaction on average on gem and gem quality stones. Transaction value ranges between $1 – $15 million per transaction.
  • From time to time Clients purchase gem stones including Run of Mine “ROM” Production which in volumes can vary between 1.000 and 20.000 carats.
  • Occasionally attention is given to the “fancies” (coloured stones) and also larger stones like a 138ct large stone as shown in the picture above which was sold for US$65 million. (Although we did not buy or sell the 20,08ct blue stone as depicted Marius in the picture above; for information purposes it was sold by the mine for US$14,9 million.) The Oct 2020 Selection of top quality diamonds was on offer through GVI for over US$100 million.
  • With our licensing and accreditations both in SA and in Europe/Portugal the company is in a unique position to trade successfully, especially with reference to the Lisbon Diamond Bourse which is a gateway to Europe gives GVI the edge over competitors.


  • GVI has an exclusive business relationship established with a specialist polished diamond Supplier.
  • This provides GVI’s clients seeking top investment grade polished diamonds at attractive discounted rates not normally available on the open market.